Your Digital Identity

A secure and seamless way to create and verify your digital identity to keep you safe on-line.

Know who you are dealing with.


Verify your age, your details and your identity – you choose what you want to share

Your Digital Identity

Create your digital identity, it will be verified by our Trust Partners

Trust Partners

Trust Partners verify your identity, they are large, trusted organisations that you deal with regularly


You can easily verify your identity to others


People and businesses can verify and trust your digital identity


Our applications are totally secure


We use Blockchain Technology


We provide a high degree of certainty of your identity


Works on mobile and web apps’, really easy to set up and use

Our Network

Our network is secure, scalable, super-fast and easy to use

YourDataKey removes anonymity from the network

How it Works

It is really simple

Sign up

You sign up and create an account – your identity

Verify your identity

You verify your identity with Trust Partners. The more Trust Partners the higher your Certainty Score

Use your identity

Use your identity to prove your age, your details, your location. You only share what you want to - securely

Verify Me

Verify yourself to others; people or businesses

Verify You

Ask a person or business to verify themselves


Keep a record of verifications

Our Purpose

To protect people and businesses and to make the world a safer place

Our Promise

  • We will not sell your data
  • We will not use your data for marketing
  • We will not use your data for analytics